Collaborative and Real-time Applications in ASP.NET Core

October 25th, 2018, Kyiv

Language: English

Dino Esposito

Dino Esposito

Author of many popular books in ASP.NET, in particular “Architecting Applications for the Enterprise” with fellow MVP Andrea Saltarello in 2015 and “Modern Web Development” in 2016 and has “Programming ASP.NET Core” in the works for 2017. When not training, Dino serves as the CTO of Crionet—a firm that specializes in Web and mobile solutions for the world of professional sports.


While the world is still full of Web Forms applications, the migration to the MVC programming model is more and more the mainstream model for web development whether server-side in ASP.NET or client-side with Javascript-based frameworks. In this context, ASP.NET Core just states the obvious and adds more spice here and there. ASP.NET Core is an ideal choice--much better than any Web API of the past--to expose HTTP servers: cross-platform and granular enough to obtain nearly the performance you need on top of a rich framework such as the .NET Framework Core. The workshop assumes you're either a quick learner with at least a working knowledge of ASP.NET MVC and .NET Core and plans to sponsor the creation of the core functions for a real-time and collaborative application where users operate all the time and all the changes are immediately visible to all interested users. It's not magic, though and do not expect to have such a complex piece of software architected in one day. It's all about the foundation and the core mechanisms such as authentication, roles, push notification and caching. The first half of the workshop is lecture about authentication in ASP.NET Core, configuration and SignalR. Bring your laptop; it will be fun.


Training will be extremely useful for the following roles:

  • Developers
  • Tech Leads
  • Architects


  • Authenticating as users to a portal
  • Using different roles and authorization
  • Layer up the application to deal with logic and storage
  • Touch on the theme of caching and scalability
  • Use live notifications


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